2004 GRH3 Hash Schedule

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GRH3 Run # 132 THE HOLIDAZZZZZZZE - Santa Hat Run

View the Christmas Lights in EGR singing hash songs

Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 2:00pm

Hare: Hot Lips

Start Location: East Grand Rapids Middle School (parking lot)

On-In Location: Logan's

ONONON Location: Logan's Alley (916 Michigan Street NE between College and Fuller)

Hash Di-Erections: 2425 Lake Drive (corner of Lake Shore Drive) parking lot is on the North East corner.

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Run Review: Ahhh the sun is shining upon us - love it!!!! Our very own Religious Advisor Ponygirl from Saugatuck arrived at the hash bringing the sunshine. Also, he brought Boxing Day and the Full Moon to us - thank you and thank you. As hashers arrived I as the hare took off quickly to set out the beverages for the beer checks out on the trail. Dam, so many EGR cops out there couldn't set out the liquids for the last check. Arriving back at the parking lot chalk talk was had quickly and so was Father Abraham. All had been given Santa hats if not brought and shots of schnapps were consumed to warm our innards.

We headed out looking for marks in the snow which consisted of floor, chalk or artificial spray snow. On and on we hashed crossing streets viewing XMAS lights not lit (is it darK out yet?). Then it was heard in the distance as they were out of site - beer check!!! It was found by Just Kenn our Marine and body guard wearing a very kool Santa hat. We hid among the trees singing songs and swallowing our schnapps and beer. Left overs were carried on out. On-On was said as we ran over the rodes and thru the snow ahhhhh another beer check to behold. Looking around it was not to be found as this is were it was not possible to place. Chivalry was taken on by Ponygirl and Just Kenn - what hashers...... They helped out 2 stranded females with a broken vehicle on the rode. We consumed all that was left from the last BC and off we went into the wild white wonders.

The circle took place at Logan's with all hashers wearing Santa hats - yay hats in the circle!!!!! First offense was given to What the FFF for not wearing her S. hat in the circle - Hot Lips/me did the proxy down-down for that one. What the FFF was that? Next to sit on the ice tub on the bar stool - did I say that? was the hare. All sang sister hasher to me - I love it. Another was had by myself for a mismarked beer check - oh darn. For the visitor from the Chicago H3 - Magnetic Muff. Wearing new ear muffs was also Magnetic Muff who purchased these in Japan while visiting a hasher by the name of Slimie Limie. Ponygirl was a returner - welcome back. He also was given a down-down for having ice stuck to his britches. Just Ken received a down-down for chivalry as was Ponygirl. Oh, and of course Just Nicole received one for traveling to Peru and leaving us for several weeks. Welcome back all!!!!!! Any offenses forgotten will be taken care of in January.

On-On to a New Hashing Year of 2005.

GRH3 Run # 131 Polar Express - Chooooo Choooo
Bring your train whistles and gear

Sunday / December 12, 2004 at 2:00pm

Hare: Just Mitch and What The FFF

Start Location: Cascade Township Park off Thornhill Drive

On-In Location: Parking lot

ONONON Location: Cascade Sports Grill located at 6240-28th Street (Cascade) - across from New Beginnings

Di-Erections: Go East on 28th Street East from 96. Pass Cascade Meijers turning right on Thornhills Drive (across from D&W). Head south on Thornhills � name changes to Thornapple River Drive � continue south down and then up a big hill to Nick Kik Drive and turn left at into the park (just before the I-96 overpass). There will be a large sign: "Cascade Township Park"

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: As we arrived into the park it was down pouring rain like some rain forest event in Costa Rica (Interhash 2003). Stepping out of the vehicles was a disaster in progress. The hares Just Mitch and What The FFF where already drenched from head to toes....... Those of us brave enough to cum all proceeded with Father Abraham. This warmed us just a touch as we also passed around peppermint schnapps for more warmth inside us. We were off down the rodes of Cascade Township and then thru a playground (fun) and into the woods for beer and the Yogi Bear hash song. Yogi lives in the deep dark woods Yogi Yogi...... As we continued thru the woods and out into the shiggy we found another beer check under a tree. We quickly finished and headed on-in to the Cascade Sports Grill to change clothes and have the hash circle, etc. So good to be dry and warm - what happened to our summer? Down-Downs consisted of these infractions: Hares were first with What The FFF and Just Mitch, FRB was HO HO, Virgin hasher was Just Melissa, HO Ho was given a down-down being gone too long (returner), Driving the farthest was What The FFF, Religios Advisor-Just Mitch for not controlling the frkn weather, trailinteruptis was What The FFF, A baptism/naming was given to Just Mitch who will now and forever more in the hashing world be named "Father Brown Bare" (FBB), DFL was me - Hot Lips cuz I was doing the sweeping as norm and I want to complain about the cold/rain. We can't forget the best for last was Just Kenn for wearing shorts in the less then 30 degree weather and for leaving early during the circle was Just Kenn. Circle ended and many headed over to Logan's Alley to continue......


GRH3 Run # 130 Turkey Trot Hash "Gobble Gobble"
Dress like a hash house harrier turkey

Sunday / November 28, 2004 at 2:00pm

Hare: He Likes It "Mikey" and Hot Lips

Start Location: 2585 Delaat SW - Wyoming
Hot Tub

ONONON Location: Home of He Likes It "Mikey" (HOT-TUB PARTY!!!!!!)


Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Gobble Gobble said the hashers as they headed out on a cold 30+ degree day with the sun shining. What a day - gobble gobble! The hash trail was great with no complaints. Much trail, mud, shiggy, sidewalks, roads and more. The beer checks are always the best after the beer is found. At each and everyone Just Lee found the beer and guess what? We named him to be forever more in the hashing world "Suds Sniffer." I like it, he likes it and we all like it - Suds Sniffer. Twas tooo cold after finishing the trail to hang outside so we all entered the warmth of Mikey's house for beverages and foods of plenty - Thank you and thank you. After this we all headed into the hot tub for the circle. What a thought! We did down-downs in the hot tub this was a first that I know of. Down-downs consisted of: He Likes It "Mikey" as the hare; Fairy Potter for looking too much like Haggrid (Harry Potter); Just Lee receiving his hash name of Suds Sniffer; All of us for being DWL and FWB's; Mikey for use of his hash hot tub; Technology on trail was me - Hot Lips (receiving call from What The FFF down in Tampa); Technology down-down will be given to What the FFF when she returns for instigating that one; Just Lee for peeing on trail; Fairy Potter for selling his much needed truck forgetting about Michigan weather; Fairy Potter for a new down-down song Beer is Cold and Tub is Hot; Mikey for not bringing his cell phone and on and on. Thanks to all who came.

Notes: Thanksgiving Day 5k at Calvin College @ 8:00am. Cum on out and look for Turkey Runners - See you there!!!!!!!

GRH3 Run # 129 Hare Hunting Hash "Don't Shoot Me"
Wear Orange or else!!!!

Sunday / November 14, 2004 at 2:00pm

Hare: Just Kenn and Bock

Start Location: Vitales Sports Lounge (parking lot) at 3868 West River Drive, Comstock Park

On-In Location: Parking lot

ONONON Location: Vitales deck

Di-Erections: TBA

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Great hunting hash with much orange in site. You guyes really know how to hunt (for beer). Wowwww, beer hunting! Two of the three beer checks had our favorite beverages but the last was robbed. We stopped anyway and sang a hash song called "Beastealities Best Boys." I think it is a hit for the hash. It was so well liked we continued to sing verses several other times. As for down-downs here you go: Naming consisted of Just Bock who is now Crystal Gal(Brown Eye Blue) and Just Paul who is now and forever more to be Lack-Tater; Virgins which were two included Just Pete who came because of Just Kenn and Just Steve who came the first time because of Lactator from Montague area, FRT of course "What the FFF"; DFL's were Fairy Potter, He Likes It "Mikey" and Hot Lips; Birthday boy - Fairy Potter; Marine Birthdays - Just Kenn and Pete; Wearing too much orange - Lactator; Hares - Just Kenn and Crystal Gal; Just Lee for being a Kiwi; Cuming the farthest - Lacktator and Just Nicole, Cinderella down-down for new shoes - Just Pete and Kenn, wearing orange hat in circle; relatives in circle - Just Lee and What the FFF; What the FFF - not yelling on-on when saw hash marks; Technology on trail - He Likes It and me - Hot Lips for being DFL (competition was had by 3 of us my legs just weren't long enough). More info to cum on the hash. Here is the more- no down-downs where had by Just Mitch but his moment will cum..... I like it - he likes it "Mikey" and on and on and on.

GRH3 Run # 128 All Hallows - Halloween Hash
"Cum as you are" Sounds scary - Boo

Sunday / October 31, 2004 at 2:00pm (Day of GR Marathon cum early for parking)

Hare: He Likes It "Mikey"

Start Location: Millenium Park (parking lot) - look for hashers amongst the marathoners...

On-In Location: You guessed it - MP

ONONON Location: Hot-tubbing...

Di-Erections: Millenium Park is located off Maynard Street NW. Go to the website http://www.millennium-park.org

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Great Day!!!! Wholy Moly!!!! Fantastic trail setting done by He Likes It "Mikey." Loved the two beer checks very cool!!! You go Mikey. Great keg beer donated by Marathondong from the marathon. Some type of excellent beer from the Foundary Brewery - great down-down beers. Many offenses were to be had including: Hare was He Likes It "Mikey"; FRB was What The FFF; DFL - Just Paul; Virgins included Just Lee (New Zeeland) and Patrick (UberMon's brother); Visitor from Singapore was Nicole; Shortcutting - Just Paul; Over Achievers running 1/2 marathon were Just Kenn and Hot Lips; Best Marathon Director - Marathondong; Using Mother given names: Mitch and Hot Lips; Volunteering to do down-downs - Mikey; Head of marathon beer check - Fairy Potter; Wearing head gear during down-downs - Bock, Nicole, Kenn and Patrick and much more...

Notes: Grand Rapids Marathon / October 31st (Volunteers needed at or about 10:00 AM for the Beer Check at Mile 19 during the GR Marathon)

GRH3 Run # 127 "Fall is Hare we need an Aid? A Haring Aid?"
We have Hares/Hairs

Sunday / October 17, 2004 at 2:00pm

Hare: Uber Mon and Fairy Potter

Start Location: Logan's Alley parking lot

On-In Location: Logan's Alley

ONONON Location: Logan's Alley for pizza and?????

Di-Erections: Logan's Alley , 916 Michigan St NE between College and Fuller

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: What a blustery day in Michigan - what happened to our summmer? Did we have one it was such a blurr. Hmmmm, want to thank two great and wonderful Shanghai Hashers who set the trail (we just need one more by the name of Buzz Light Year). True Hares they were and are by the names of Uber Mon and Fairy Potter. Hot Lips made sure that all had whistles before heading out. Trail was great with much shiggy, trails, hills, roads and beer checks. Good thing we had cold beer! Offenses consisted of these: Two virgins Just Mitch and Ken; miss-use of technology - Just John; use of technology on trail - Hot Lips; FRB was our virgin Kenn; DFL - Hot Lips; taking a false trail - Just Carol; socializing with a non-hasher - Uber Mon; SCB - Hot Lips; Wining (where is my name?) - Just Carol and Enjoying his spankings - Just John. Another naming ceremony was had with Just Carol being named "What the FFF" and Just John "He Likes It "Mikey"".

GRH3 Run # 126 Pulaski Days Polka Hash

Sunday, October 3, 2004 at 2:00pm

Hare: Fairy Potter

Start Location: Logan's Alley parking lot

On-In Location: Logan's Alley

ONONON Location: Logan's Alley deck

Di-Erections: Logan's Alley 916 Michigan St NE between College and Fuller
And don't forget aabout Pulaski Days! http://www.pulaskidays.org/

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Very cool and short hash for Polaski Sunday. Ahhhh recovery from the weekend? Hash included 2 beer checks along the way. Welcome all you new virgins to the GRH3: Bock, John, Larry, and Dee. Naming a virgin: Larry received his new hash name which is now and forever more to be Uber Mon (super man in German). Many and I say many offenses were had today which will be added to this review. Here are more of the offenses: hare of the day(shitty trail): Fairy Potter; over achieving: Bock and Larry; taking the turkey trail: Fairy Potter; shortcutting: Carol; smoking during circle: Danielle and Larry; most enthusiastic: John; uber hasher: Larry; using mother given names: Fairy Potter; color coordinated with hash car: Carol; FRB: Bock (don't make my brown-eye blue); DFL: Hot Lips; Queenie drinking special beverages: Danielle; God bless my underpants: Larry; biggest Polaski Weekend Hangover: Danielle; liking everything too much: John; technology on trail (I like it): John; question of judgement for use of facilities: Larry. That is all that I can think of. Anyone forgotten please keep it to yourselves or penalties will be given for wining at the next hash!

GRH3 Run # 125 "Monday is a Wanking Day" Hash

Monday September 27, 2004 at 6:00pm

Hare: Just Jake

Start Location: Johnson Park, Grandville (second parking lot on the left side)

On-In Location: A to A Run

ONONON Location: Founders on Monroe Street in Grand Rapids

Di-Erections: Johnson Park is located off Butterworth. From 196 take exit 70B/Grandville (Wilson Avenue) Go West on Wilson to Butterworth turning right at the light. Go to the second parking lot on the left side and look for hashers.

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Great hashing experience running thru the hills, trails, shiggy, beer checks and on and on we went!!!!! Beautiful view of the Grand River was enjoyed by us all. What's with this setting trail with powdered milk and noodles? Hmmmm, must be biodegradable stuff great for feeding the deer and critters out there. Just Carol arrived to hash with us. A Philli Hasher from 20 years ago - She is now a virgin again as she grew it back. Great to have you with us Carol!!!!! There was a naming ceremony tonight for two hashers. Just Russ is now and forever more to be called Fairy Potter and Just Nicole will forever more be called Hands On Hands Off (HO HO). Great time was had by all...... On On to Polaski Weekend

GRH3 Run # 124 "Monday is a Wanking Day" Hash (Chapter Three)

Monday September 13, 2004 at 6:00 PM (hash time)

Hare: Ponygirl

Start Location: Millenium Park (first parking lot)

On-In Location: A to A Run

ONONON Location: Founders on Monroe Street in Grand Rapids

Di-Erections: Millenium Park is located off Maynard Street NW. Go to the website http://www.millennium-park.org

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Another great evening for a hash. Ponygirl out did himself again by setting another fantastic hash - very cool!!!! We definitly could have used another beer check as the weather was quite hot. We made up for it at the on in and ononon. Visitors from the Grand Rapids Press were present through out the evening. A reporter and photographer - should we mention their names?. Article! Two virgins added to the fun by the names of Just Steve and of course Just Pat. The new website is up and running thanks to Just Russ. Also, new hash t-shirts will be available on the 27th/Monday with thanks to Just Jake, Just Nicole and Just Russ. We love you all - thank you thank you!!!!!!!

GRH3 Run # 123 "Monday is a Wanking Day" Hash (Chapter Two)

Monday August 30th, 2004 at 6:00 PM (hash time)

Hare: Hotlips and Just Jake

Start Location: Millenium Park (first parking lot on the right)

On-In Location: A to B run

ONONON Location: Swimming at the beach... bring your suits

Di-Erections: Millenium Park is located off Maynard Street NW � Grand Rapids. Go to the website http://www.millennium-park.org

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: Great and fantastic time was had by all that were at the hash tonight. We had several virgins such as Just Sandy, Just Jenny, Just Nicole and Just Paul. Please do come back out with us. We all participated with calastenics of Father Abraham and Swing Low throughout the hash. A beautiful evening of hashing with several beer check squenched our thirsts. Get this, Ponygirl was the FRB and DFL. How did that happen one asks? Ahh the ice went over fantastically tonight as we all pretty much enjoyed the coldness against our backsides. Thank you to the hares for setting the trail and for the park for letting us use the facilities. On-On to the next.......

Road Trip to Indiana?

Sat & Sun, 8/28 & 8/29 details to follow, contact Hot Lips for info

GRH3 Run # 122 "Monday is a Wanking Day" Hash (Chapter One)

Monday August 16th, 2004 at 6:00 PM (hash time)

Hare: ponygirl

Start Location: Millenium Park (first parking lot on the right)

On-In Location: A to A run

ONONON Location: Swimming at the beach... bring your suits

Di-Erections: Millenium Park is located off Maynard Street NW � Grand Rapids. Go to the website http://www.millennium-park.org

Hash Cash: $5.00 - beverages and snacks

Run Review: After leaving the serene beauty of the park and venturing through the barren landscape of the gravel pit, a beer check would have been most welcome (but of course, the hare sux so no beer til the end). Several virgins were available for our viewing pleasures which included Just Russ, Just Jake and and a returner by the name of Just Paul. Ahhhh, his wife was not at home so he could come out and hash? Although it was a short run, the circle was long and after the beer was gone the hashers dispursed. Ponygirl went home with the cute sheriff deputy (the female one) and the rest of the hashers were off to downtown GR for free pizza and beer.

"Rode Trip to Bay City H3" Bay City Red Dress Run

Saturday/July 31st, 2004, 1:30pm

Start Location: Meeting place will be at Whordita.cum�s house. 3610 Wheeler Rd, Bay City MI. There is limited parking at the house, so car-pooling is greatly encouraged. There is a carpool lot close by that we can use for overflow and shuttle you to the house.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Live BAND, swimming pool (bring your suit & towel), beerpong, tippy-cup, volleyball, bonfire, and plenty of room for tents. Make sure you bring a folding/camping chair. REGISTRATION INFO: Please register before July 15th. The hares want to know how many hashers to expect to get an idea of how much food, beer, and haberdashery to buy

Di-Erections: Check out the BayCity Hash website at http://www.angelfire.com/mi2/bchhh If interested in carpooling contact Hot Lips at 616-365-8435

Hash Cash: COST: $25.00 - includes the following: (as always, a portion of the cost is going to Breast Cancer Research) food (hamburgs & hot dogs), BEER, haberdashery, transportation to starting point and back to Whordita's house, and other possible surprises the Hares have in mind. For hashers who can't make the run, but want to come to the On-In, contact the hares. If you would like to bring a dish to pass, that would be appreciated.

GRH3 Run # 121 A SUMMER HASH!!!! (children and dog friendly) Swimming? Who said swimming?

July 1, 2004/Thursday at 6:30ish (hash time)

Hare: TBA

Start Location: Millenium Park (parking lot near swimming area) located off Maynard Street NW � Grand Rapids

On-In Location: Swimming area parking lot

ONONON Location:

Di-Erections: for directions check out the website for Millenium Park http://www.millennium-park.org

Hash Cash: $5.00 - collected at the beginning for beverages and snack items

Run Review: Was a hot hot night for a hash with lots of mosquitoes (who said mosquitoes?). Ahhhhhh what a life - hashing - surely keeps us all young. Was great to have a visitor from Colorado 2BuckChuck with his 2 young hashers. Thank you for visiting us and we hope to see you again soon 2BuckChuck!!!!!

GRH3 Run # 120 Dune Hashing

Saturday/May 22, 2004 at 4:00ish

Hare: Ponygirl

Start Location: Saugatuck Dunes State Park - FELT MANSION

On-In Location: parking lot

ONONON Location:

Di-Erections: Take I-196 to Saugatuck and take Exit 41 turning right onto Blue Star Highway. Follow the signs for Dunes State Park and turn right off of Blue Star Highway. The Felt Mansion is on the same drive as the park.

Hash Cash: $5.00 - collected at the beginning for beverages and snack items

Run Review: Beautiful day for a hash ahhh the warmth of the sun once again!!! The nature trails were fantastic with lots of greenery. The dunes and Lake Michigan were also wonderful. Water was just a wee bit cold though. Thanks so much for a great hash Ponygirl. What a great trail!!!!!!!! You are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GRH3 Run # 119 April Fools Day Hash - bring your bunny ears, etc.

Sunday, April 4, 2004 at 2:00p.m.

Hare: Hot Lips

Start Location: Revised: Wicks Park Gazebo - downtown Saugatuck

On-In Location: Wally's Bar & Grill at Water & Hoffman

ONONON Location: ponygirl's house

Di-Erections: Take I-196 to Saugatuck and get off on Exit 41. Head South on Blue Star Highway and turn at the sign for Saugatuck (Washington Street) Turn right on Lucy Street and left on Water Street. Look for the Gazebo corner area of Water and Main Street.

Hash Cash: $5.00

Run Review: What a great run! The trail was beautiful (sunny & cheerful) but the high winds blew all the flour off the trail. Thank goodness for chalk! Hot Lips, ponygirl and Just Q were the FRBs. Down downs at ponygirl's house where he was elected "Religious Advisor" (on Palm Sunday no less!) Goose Island Christmas Ale was used for down downs... yummy! Hot Lips brought a TURKEY! for the OnOnOn!!!! Sandwiches and leftover galore!

GRH3 Run # 118 A Quiet Winter Day - HASHING!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2004 at 12Noon

Hare: N/A

Start Location: Riverside Park/South Entrance (next to The Home for the Blind) on Monroe

On-In Location: TBA at the hash

ONONON Location:

Di-Erections: Get to US-131 and exit at Ann Street (which is between I-96 and I-196). Go East on Ann. Turn Left (North) on Monroe and continue until you get to the Home for the Blind at 1953 Monroe Avenue NW. Pull in there and park by the river.

Hash Cash: $5.00

Run Review: A gorgeous cold winter day with sunshine, burrrrrrr!!!!! Too cold to be outside very long. Running - hashing - hashing then BN what a thought for warmth - yay!!!!! Trail was short maybe 3 miles then on in to the warmth of a building with heat and beverages to be had.

GRH3 Run # 117 Mayor McTick takes the plunge! (again)

Saturday, January 10, 2004 at 11:00am

Hare: Ponygirl

Start Location: Saugatuck High School in Saugatuck, MI

On-In Location: A to A Run

OnOnOn Location: Lunch: Wally's Bar & Grill @ 12:30, Bulter & Hoffman

Di-Erections: Take I-196 to Saugatuck and get off on Exit 41. Head South on Blue Star Highway (past the Saugatuck sign) and turn right on Allegan Road. Turn right again on Elizabeth Street. The parking lot is at Elizabeth and Main and the run starts at the front entrance.

Hash Cash: N/A

Run Review: The Mayor McTick Pre-wedding Hash!!! Congratulations to Mayor McTick and his new bride - Jen. Welcome all you hashers. Hey!!! The GM/me arrived late with 4 out of town hashers at 11:15 - wait a minute(s) isn't that hash time?

We in the hash car drove into a parking lot - is this the right one? We found a hasher with a disco van yelling on on. It was 2 Fuck Chuck but we couldn't find the other hashers. Made a call on the cell to ImaBitch from Bay City and found out we were at the wrong lot.

As we arrived we found hashers wondering around the high school and parking lot. Ponygirl had already left to set the live trail leaving a map to sweep by. Introductions were made with or w/out beer in hand and pictures taken for the web. Off we went in search of trail... The marks were all pretty well covered up by the falling snow. Luckily 16 Lb. Ball knew where they were and the direction for the on-out trail. Off thru the streets of Saugatuck, burrrrr. Not many trail markings where seen. luckily a map was available. A sign for beer near was located at Ponygirl's house where there was warmth, beer, hot cocoa w/schnapps and snacks of cat food, yummy.

Stupid Man recruited a virgin - Susie from Saugatuck. She finishing the trail, etc... All hashers continued to the final destination which was Wally's. At the On-In Ponygirl was waiting with down-down beers ready to go...... The circle was opened and introductions were made by all attending. Down-downs were plentiful which included:

The Hare: Ponygirl

Coming the farthest - Two Buck Chuck (best man)

FRB's: Mayor McTick and 16 Lb. Ball

No hash attire: Two Buck Chuck and 16 Lb. Ball

Providing a map for all to see: Ponygirl

Loosing Control of the Circle: Hot Lips

Getting married this year: Mayor McTick, Bloody Anal Probe & Betty Cocker and Smell This?

Virgins: Susie and Brent

Visitors: List at the bottom

Not running: Tri-sexual and Lactation and Just Beth

Circle was finally closed and opened again several times for unknown reasons. On to more drinking at Ponygirls. Margaritas and twister where plentiful...... There is more to the story just ask anyone who was there.

Quote of the night: "Russ, get these guys outta here!"

List of all hashers:

Bachelor for one more week: Mayor McTick - Chicago H3 - Illinois

Hare: Ponygirl - Grand Rapids H3 - Michigan

GM: Hot Lips - Grand Rapids H3 - Michigan

GM: ImaBitch - Bay City H3 - Michigan

GM: Smell This - Thirsty H3 - Chicago, Illinois

Sugar Nipples - Chicago H3 - Illinois, Stupid man - Kenosha H3 - Wisconsin, Bloody Thighs - Chicago H3 - Illinois, Scratch N Sniff - Kenosha H3 - Wisconsin, Bloody Anal Prope - Bay City H3 - Michigan, Betty Cocker - Bay City H3 - Michigan, 16 Lb Ball - GRH3 - Michigan, Two Buck Chuck - PPH3 - Colorado, Just do me Slowly - Chicago H3 - Illinois, Just Suzy - Saugatuck - Michigan, Tri-Sexual - GRH3 - Michigan, Lactation - GRH3 - Michigan, Just Brent - Saugatuck - Michigan