2003 GRH3 Hash Schedule

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GRH3 Run # 116 Saying Goodbye to 2003 (so long farewell) Welcome to 2004

Sunday, December 28, 2003 at 12 NOON

Hare: N/A

Start Location: Riverside Park/South Entrance (Home for the Blind entrance)

On-In Location: A to A Run

ONONON Location: Teasers Bar & Grill, 819 Ottawa Ave. NW in GR

Di-Erections: Get to US-131 and exit at Ann Street (which is between I-96 and I-196). Go East on Ann. Turn Left (North) on Monroe and continue until you get to the Home for the Blind at 1953 Monroe Avenue NW. Pull in there and park by the river. MAP

Hash Cash: $5.00

Run Review: The day was cold and the run several kilometers? Yummy schnapps was located hidden at the playground, ahhh yes - warmth. On and on we went thru the white snow with warm bellies. Whooops what's this another BN I do believe so and it was cold brewsky for all of us. The trail was A to A after arriving back at the vehicles we had a short circle of down downs then departed for the day. Thank you to all who came out this year to hash in and around Grand Rapids.

GRH3 Run # 115 Decemburrrrr "Welcome to the Hash"

Sunday, December 14, 2003 at 1:30pm

Hare: Hot Lips

Start Location: Calvin College track parking lot (North side of the Campus)

On-In Location: Papa Romano's, 3580 Plainfield Ave NE
Take East Beltline North to I-96 West to Plainfield Ave North (about 10 miles)

Di-Erections: DIRECTIONS: Calvin College - address 3201 Burton at East Beltline

1. If you enter at Burton turn right into the Calvin Campus just West of East Beltline. Follow the rode past the Engineering Bldg - Field House - speed bumps - going to the North side of the campus. Track is on the right side continue past it to the 1st parking lot on the right side and turn right - park near the Southwest corner facing the track.
2. You can also get to the track off the East Beltline/Northland Drive/Broadmore (this runs North and South) � if going South pass Lake Drive and turn right onto the campus. Turn right after entering the campus and take this around to the North then West-turn left into the parking lot that says "residents & visitors". The track is on the South/left side of the road � Northern part of the campus.

If lost call 616-490-8435.

Hash Cash: $5.00

Run Review: Ahhhh nice winter day in Michigan what a "Great Day for a hash". Welcome to all you hashers new and old thank you for coming to the event. Trails was well marked with flour, t-paper, etc.... Off thru the Campus we went over hills, thru woods & shiggy, over bridges and on and on - was so good to see Jackedoff once again - ahhhh when one GM drinks all GM's drink.

GRH3 Run # 114 Thanksgiving Hash

November 30/Sunday at 1:00pm (it�s Sunday and you can buy and drink beer after 12 noon)

Hare: TBA

Start Location: Aquinas College Field House - parking lot SouthEast corner (off Fulton Street SE / between Plymouth and Fuller)

On-In Location: Papa Romanoe's (4 Mile and Plainfield)


Hash Cash: $5.00

Run Review: Beautiful 47 degree weather with sun as we headed out on trail about 2:30. Aquinas College campus is just great for hashing with all the trails, shiggy, water, hills and bridges galore. A whine was heard from one hasher while crossing the make shift bridge that he would have pulled the hare in if he fell into the cold water ahhh but he didn't (bad Pony Girl). Two BN's were available one with brewskies and other shots of schnapps. We had several visitors including 5 Minute Man and Rebecca from the Greater Lansing Hash. On On till the next hash.

GRH3 Run # 113 Fall Hashing in Michigan, burrrrr

Sunday, November 9, 2003 at 2:00pm

Hare: TBA

Start Location: Reed's Lake (Collins Park)/Boat Launch on Lake Side Drive off of Lake Drive in East Grand Rapids

On-In Location: The Pick (corner of Cherry Street/Diamond SE) One of the oldest Taverns in Grand Rapids


Hash Cash: $5.00

Run Review: The hash event started at 2:30ish after many words of wisdom and socializing. As we headed out we viewed the several of the large homes in EGR. Someone yelled EXPLORATION!!! and there was exploration of a construction site of a new mansion on Reed's Lake. Many floors were walked/ran upon. Loved the private property/keep out signs. Shiggy was everywhere we turned as with much mud. Sunshine was upon us all as we continued searching for the trail (Was a cold 40). Around the lake we went up and down all around and then on-in for beer and beverages. The Killians on tap was tasting might good at the Pickwick Tavern - the circle was small but great with much rejoicing as we toasted our beers.

GRH3 Run # 112 Halloween Hash (Children's Hash included) - Costume a must for Contests to be had

Sunday, October 26, 2003 at 4:30pm

Hare: Fudgie Troll

Start Location: Huff Park (Entrance on Aberdeen Street NE - between Fuller and Ball Streets) Grand Rapids

On-In Location: 1121 Sweet NE (off of Fuller between Leonard and Knapp)


Hash Cash: $5.00 (donations for foods)

Run Review: Start of the hash was located at Huff Park (construction zone) . The hour we gained this morning was great to have as we were all well rested for the hash. We headed out in costumes either running, walking or socializing on trail. The trail was well marked with shiggy galore. We ran thru the wind and cold, over bridges, on trails and on and on�. Sorry to say - we kept our feet dry. Not to say there wasn�t much water but there was too much. We didn�t need flashlights as it stayed light enough this day. At the on-in beer, apple cider and goodies to eat were absorbed by the hashers present. The weather was getting a bit cold so we all entered into the kitchen of Hot Lips for the circle. The circle was not long lasting as we were still hungry and thirsty.

GRH3 Run # 111 Full Moon Hash

Friday, October 10, 2003 7:30 PM

Hare: Hot Lips

Start Location: Teasers Bar & Grill, 819 Ottawa Ave. NW in GR

On-In Location: same, A to A run

Di-Erections: TBA

Hash Cash: $5.00 (bring more if you want to eat at Teasers)

Run Review: We all met inside of Teazers Bar & Grill on Ottawa Avenue for a brewsky before heading out to hash the night away. We were on at 8:00pm. Flashlights were brought and used accordingly where needed up the steep stairs to look out hill/point and thru the park�.. Hey, a baseball game was viewed below lookout hill let�s stop and view this for a minute or two and we did and there was rejoicing with each hit / run or catch of the ball. There was NO moon to be found during the hashing event, but alas it was there after the venue. Twas hiding from us � what is with that I don�t know do you? As we headed down Monroe Street a non-hasher yet a female was seen wearing what looked like full moon shorts � how is that possible? The weather was warm enough for summer clothing a must for an Indian summer. So GREAT to have it! There definitely wasn�t enough shaggy and no water to be found except for leftovers on the tables at the venue where we had our circle and drank brewsky�s. There were many offenses during the circle which included: Short cutting by Fudgie Troll, a birthday for the GM � Hot Lips, a proxy down-down for Wet XXX Yet for calling to say she would show but had to take care of her dog � no show (sounds like the dog has higher priority then the hash, well Fudgie did the proxy), there was also socializing during the circle and on and on for all the rest of the offenses too many to be written down.

GRH3 Run # 110 Post � Mt. Baldhead 15k Challenge � as if Mt. Baldhead wasn't enough

Saturday, September 20th, 2003 @ 1:30pm

Hare: Ponygirl and Hot Lips

Start Location: Wicks Park Gazebo (start/finish line)

On-In Location: A to B run. On in is 3413 Washington Ave (AKA Holland St) just North of Saugatuck and 1.5 miles from the start. Walk or take the InterUrban bus ($1.00) back to your car. (call 616-365-8435/490-8435 ask for Laurie for more specifics)


Hash Cash: $5.00 (beverages and light snacks)

Run Review: Here we are in Saugatuck what a beautiful warm, sunny day, for a 15k/5k race and then a post-Mt. Baldhead Hash. The hare of the day was Pony Girl, yay!!!!! Welcome back you hasher you. Guess it has been a couple years since you hared a trail here in Michigan aye? Start of the hash was at the Gazebo near the start/finish area of the race in the downtown area. Twas a long time before the start as the free beer was flowing and the there was no stop in sight. I like free beer don�t you 16 Lb. Ball? The event was short and sweet as more beer and socializing was waiting for us at the Corner Bar. Hmmmm, what to say about the trail? Well, there wasn�t really any shiggy and no water except left over sweat maybe dried from the 15k race or extra drinking fluids. The views were scenic with people, beautiful waterfront areas, yachts and sailing vessels, and a bountiful supply of artsy stores to spend your dollars. A note for all you no-shows - you missed a great and wonderful hash � the free beer and socializing made it all what it should be.

GRH3 Run # 109 Squirt Gun Hash - bring water guns/water balloons

Saturday, September 6th 2003 4:00pm

Hare: Hyper Hare

Start Location: John Ball Park, meet near the Fulton entrance, park your car by the duck pond. This is a Family Hash � bring the kids!!!!! Bring your squirt guns and water balloons

On-In Location: Millenium Park for swimming after. Millenium Park, Maynard Street � Grand Rapids (call 616-365-8435/490-8435 and ask for Laurie for more specifics)


Hash Cash: $5.00

Run Review: Start of the hash was something like 5:30pm at Millennium Park. Another hot day here in Michigan could not ask for better weather. Millenium Park is something new for the area so there was much new pathways, trails if wanted, swimming, picnic and playground areas. Just perfect for a hashing event and get this �you can even drink alcoholic beverages at the park what a thought!!!! The trail was nice with just a little bit of shaggy. The hare was no were to be found must have been a ghostly hare � is this possible during the day? Much food items and beverages were consumed at the on-in under the pavilion. Thank you Fudgie Troll and Hot Lips for all and everything. We had a Virgin by the name of Just Vickie always great to have a newbie or two around. Fudgie Troll had to do a down-down for too much walking (just because we wanted her too and she agreed). Hashing children and adults(?) were seen rollerblading, at the playground, swimming and of course with water balloons and squirt guns�.. The main item was to see how many yellow jackets we could squish without being stung. To all you no-shows you missed a great and wonderful hash event � it may have been small but worth remembering in all contents. (Mother given names: Joyce, Laurie, Vickie, Nathan, Lisa, Kyle and Austin)

GRH3 Run # 108 Sunday is not a day of Rest

Sunday, August 24, 2003 4:00 PM

Hare: Mystery Hare of the Day

Start Location: Location: Huff Park (Entrance on Aberdeen Street NE - between Fuller and Ball Streets) Grand Rapids

On-In Location: 1121 Sweet NE - Grand Rapids (call 616-365-8435 for more specifics)


Hash Cash: $5.00 (or 6 pack of beer if you don�t like the inexpensive types)

Run Review: Start of the hash was located at Huff Park off of Aberdeen Street NE at about 4:30. It was a hot-hot summer day in August luckily beer was plentiful. Beer who said beer we will take some of that and we did. We drank for hours uprooting trees, shrubs and flowers and on and on. A visitor was said to have been seen by the name of Cirrhosis of the River from Jacksonville, Florida and a virgin by the name of Just Mike Schmidt. Cirrhosis was lost hmmmmm - darn that false trail where did the F go? Could not go around it couldn�t go above it couldn�t go under it had to run thru it. Trail according to me as I was the Mystery Hare was quite excellent. Beautiful wooden trails and sidewalks of plenty, gorgeous purple colorings thru the weeds and flowers in and near Huff Park. Several beer checks were located thru out the trail. Nice cold brewski on a hot day. I am thinking that Just Mike will come back even just for the beer. Back at the on-in the circle continued for such a long time as offenses were plentiful: Hare-Hot Lips, Virgin Banana Ceremony - Just Mike, Visitor-Cirrhosis of the River, wearing head gear during a religious event: Cirrhosis and Just Mike, etc��. During the whistle check all were accounted for. Edibles were brauts and venison burgers plus plus plus, uummmm ummmm good! Thank you everyone for the wonderful evening at my home. (Mother given names: Zandra, Leah, Lori, Mike, James, Joyce, Nate and Laurie)

GRH3 Run # 107 Hashers meet the Hashers the Greatest in History

Saturday, August 9, 2003 7:00 PM

Hare: Mysterious Mystery Hare/Pickup Hash (A to B Event)

Start Location: Huff Park (entrance on Aberdeen Street NE) Grand Rapids

On-In Location: 1121 Sweet NE - Grand Rapids (call 616-365-8435 for more specifics)


Hash Cash: Bring a 6 pack to share, nibbles or $$$$

Run Review: Start of the hash was about 7:20ish. Hash Secretary Wet xxx Yet was already tipsy from the afternoon of beer intoxication. Those of us not inebriated headed out with beer in tow and lollygagged for approx. an hour with no clue in mind where the trail was. Hare who said hare? We proceeded thru shiggy, trails, rode and much-much nature. Not many hashers were on trail today and what is this they show up for the on-in for the party? Fudgie Trole was totally missed today - a summer flu bug kept her home. Beer and edibles were plentiful thru-out the evening. Intoxicated women of the hash were available for the taking � I think we need more male hashers around here. I wonder whom they might have been � I mean the intoxicated women? We were most graciously blessed with the presence of Chilli Willi from Beaverton and Faggin Wagon from Austin Hash House Harriers . Beer and edibles were plentiful thru-out the whole evening. Get out of here�. even Just Tony from New Zealand stopped by for a beer.

GRH3 Run # 106 Rock and Roll on the Mall with WGRD

Thursday, July 31, 2003 7:00 PM

Hare: Mystery Hare (Hyper Hash)

Start Location: Ionia and Michigan - under the overpass/bridge North of Michigan Street (Look for hash signs)

On-In Location: The Intersection - corner of Cherry and Grandville


Hash Cash: N/A

Run Review: What an event!!!! The mystery hare was never discovered, but there was much markings, much rejoicing with beer of plenty. At least 2 beer checks +, enjoyment of the music downtown GR, and get this we were blessed with the presence of Ponygirl from Saugatuck. Thank you, for all your kind and generous thoughts and words of wisdom!