Runners looking for a change of pace should check us out the Grand Rapids Hash House Harriers, "A drinking club with a running problem." Harriers regularly host fun runs, but these aren't your ordinary races. Runners follow "hares" and look for clues to the trail, which typically leads to beer. New to the area, looking for running friends who enjoy beer. Come on out to the hash.



***Greater Lansing H3:

***GRH3 T-shirts for sale $12.00, Patches $2.00 and On-On Foot stickers $1.00

Click here for the Grand Rapids Hash Schedule 2010 through 2013

Goals of the Hash:
From the 1938 charter of the Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers
- To promote physical fitness among our members
- To get rid of weekend hangovers
- To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer
- To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

GRH3 Mismanagement Disclaimer:
The Hash House Harriers are an informal, worldwide social group. Individuals participating with the Grand Rapids Hash House Harriers events are solely responsible for their own behavior and actions. By participating in hash events, the individual acknowledges that, though unlikely, one could hurt themselves and that they agree that they are personally responsibility for drinking, driving, running in a wide variety of terrains, their actions within a community, and their personal behavior. The Grand Rapids H3 and its individual members are not in any way responsible for the actions of anyone, or any group, except for their individual selves.

GRH3 Hashing basic terminology:

  • Bring money to give to the hare. "Hash Cash" is a (non-tax deductable) donation collected from runners participating in a hash. Typically $5.00 covering the HIGH cost of beer & light snacks. At times that are announced, bring a 6 pack of beer to share instead. Hashers are responsible for food /alcohol purchases that they make at venues.

  • Bring a whistle to use during the hash. Be sure you are "on trail" before blowing, this helps keep the group together. Bring sidewalk chalk or a small piece of gypsum board (AKA Dry Wall) to help mark trails for those behind you.

  • It is not advised to wear new shoes or clothing that suggests competition - but you can. Warning: You may have to swim, run through mud and/or shiggy. Bring a change of shoes and maybe clothing.

  • A sense of humor is essential.

  • Naming: this takes places when appropriate whether it be your first hash or your fifth. When the time is right and the naming is appropriate that is when the naming will be. Be ware as we are all watching you - tee heee...

    GRH3 Hashing terms:

  • Hare - the person laying the trail.

  • Harriers - the folks chasing the hare.

  • Shiggy - thorns, bushes, trees, weeds, mud, water crossings, etc.

  • On One - means you found one trail mark.

  • On Two - means you found a second trail mark.

  • On Three - means you found a third trail mark and you are on

  • On On (yelling this) - means you are on the true/correct trail (blow your whistle now!).

  • Beer Near - there is beer somewhere close by.

  • On In - the end of the trail. This is a place where hashers socialize, drink beer, etc.

  • On On On - the party after the run where hashers continue to socialize, drink beer, etc.

  • Water - means just that (anything from a puddle to a lake.)

  • FRBs - "front running bastards", the quickest runners.

  • SCBs - "short cutting bastards", runners who don't follow the trail (e.g. ponygirl).

  • Virgin - someone who has never hashed before.

  • Wanker - a non-hasher.

    GRH3 symbols:

    This is a mark made with a blob of flour. Find three in a row and you definitely are "on trail".
    This is a "hare arrow". You are definitely "on trail".
    This is a "hare arrow" indicating a turn. Usually used at intersections and only by really nice hares. You are definitely "on trail".
    ?E� This is a "pack arrow" drawn by a helpful hasher who thinks they are "on trail". Remember, only hares get to draw full arrows.
    ?E�?E� This is a "check" drawn with chalk or flour. The trail has stopped and you have to run around like an idiot trying to find more marks. Three blobs of flour indicates the trail... not one, not two, but THREE marks have to be found! If you only find one or two then go back to the check and try again.
    ?E� This is a "check" indicating the direction in which the trail was discovered. Note to FRBs: Go back and mark the checks!
    This is a "check" indicating a false trail was found and where other trail was discovered. Parable: The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.
    This is a "check" with lots of pack marks that a dog walked over.
    This is an "either-or check". The trail will continue in one or the other directions, but not both. Compare to "Eagle and Turkey Split" below. Don't forget to mark this check also!
    ?E� The trail has ended as a "false trail". Three lines indicate a false trail regardless of marks or arrows. Go back to the LAST CHECK and look harder for another trail.
    "Beer Near"
    "Eagle and Turkey Split". From here the trail goes off in BOTH directions and you must choose. No, it doesn't mean easy and tough.
    No marks. You are "off trail" and probably lost. Don't blow your whistle. Yell "R-U" or listen for whistles to find the pack.

    Grand Rapids Hash House Anthem:

    Oh, say can you see by the full moon light
    Where so proudly we wailed "It's the beer near start drinking!"
    Whose chalk stripes and hash marks thru the perilousparks,
    O'er the shiggy we hashed had the virgins all screaming.
    And the whistles they blare, as we chase down the hare,
    Gave proof thru the night that the trail was still there.
    Oh, say does that down down song yet reign
    O'er the kegs of beer and the home of the hash?
    Lyrics by Chicken Choker

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